Part capped super contaminated with sugar syrup

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Jul 31, 2023
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Surrey, UK
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I’ve cocked up and fed with a super on and it’s fully loaded.

Ideally, I’d like to clear this and get it back on a hive rather than freezing and storing the frames for later.

I’d rather not spin the super out and re-feed. I wondered if there was another way.

I have a NUC which would benefit from feeding. My only thought was to transfer the NUC to a hive and add this contaminated super above the crownboard after scoring the cappings. Will they then use the stores to draw the additional foundation added? Once the super is clear, I’ll put it on another hive.

NUC is 6 frame national with 6 frames of bees / small patches of brood from a very recently mated queen. Lots of eggs so queen looks good.

Any suggestions very gratefully received.

Others may disagree but I would transfer the nuc to a full size hive , add queen excluder and put the super on top. They will be grateful for the food but you are never going to be sure how much sugar is in the honey so... In autumn put it under a brood and let them take it into the brood for winter stores.
There is a flow on locally with the brambles opening, so with this and the full super on the hive, it wont take long to draw out the foundation and fill with brood and or honey. As @enrico , Its unlikely you will clear the super, so any additional supers will also be potentially contaminated as well. Might be a pain, but only way to prevent this is to spin out or keep to one side for the winter. You could always keep all the honey from this hive for your own use.

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