The sterility of the BBKA forum and that infamous rubbish bin

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Jul 28, 2008
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Hampshire uk
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I was chatting online to a few friends from the states that use the Beemaster forums.

I asked them why they broke away from Beesource forums,they informed me that many posts they made got deleted moved or altered because Beesource wanted a clean sterile forum that they could make money from by publishing a book with members questions and answers in it.

Spooky :svengo:
Captain Mainwaring has agents everywhere :toetap05:.
John :):):)
I like the "infamous rubbish bin" :blush5: It's what I mostly go on there to read - well than and Polyanwoods blogs..........

I especially like the fact that Bcrazy was put in there recently :cheers2: Well done Bcrazy...........


Been in there quite often really, for trivia mainly ,plus of course upsetting Captain Mainwaring by having an opinion :svengo:.
"Heaven forbid".
I now count myself as a fully fledged member of this forum, I have my House bee icon and a post in the rubbish bin on the other one.
Your part of the family and furniture now Dave :cheers2:
Who was it who said BOGOF,I dont read the forum any more as my Doc says it plays havoc with my blood pressure.:svengo:
Should I try the hammer on my computer? The previous one I had used to unfreeze after a hefty kick but finally the hard disk broke up!:ack2:
Actually I replaced the 1956 one with a newer model - a 1982 Sharp and it still works fine! It will probably still be working long after the other 3 more modern tvs in the house have given up the ghost.
Have a good evening!

"3 more modern tvs in the house"

All that time on your hands, you should be out making up nuc's:svengo:
Well must be great looking at a set that only displays 405 lines and zero transmissions perhaps you aught to swop nom de plumes and yes you guessed it become bee crazy.
>> finally the hard disk broke <<

Are you sure the TV wasn't a Baird Televisor??