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  • Are you still able to sell the full size hives?
    If so how much for....
    1 Langstroth hive complete with metal roof Item no.: 100100B
    1 Jumbo body Item no.: 100033
    1 Feeding board for Langstroth Item no.: 100037
    2 plastic queen excluders for Langstroth Item no.: 104921
    Hi Kev,

    It depends very much on weight of the package. Everything is generally sent second class, or standard parcels if it is above 1kg or bulky. If something is urgent, then I am happy to pop it in as first class.

    Buzzy bee shop stuff is posted next day. Ebay stuff sometimes waits an extra day if I have nothing else to post. (I only really use ebay for a few plastic grafting tools and a few mininucs).

    I don't do it for many people, but if it is easier to put together a list of what you want, I can invoice you. Post me a cheque when you get the bits through.

    All the best
    Hi Marcros
    I understand from Pete (hivemaker) you run Buzzybee Shop, I am in the middle of preparing an order and was wondering what the deliovery time is.
    kev (Beebreeder)
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