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    cup kit system

    that's the one. It is some leftover stock from when I used to sell them. I don't like to throw things away when they are useful to somebody, and there isn't enough to make it worth ebaying. PM me your address and I will pop them in the post. Payment wise, pop a couple of quid in a charity pot...
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    cup kit system

    Is anybody using the NC cup kit system? I have a few bits that may be useful to somebody- there is a bag of cups, maybe 30 cages, and a dozen or so each yellow and brown cup holders/bar blocks. there are also a few candy caps, which I got from the USA, although I haven't seen the lid to these.
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    Duke of Edinburgh Award

    This is how i started beekeeping 16+ years ago!
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    New keeper looking for Langstroths

    If you are starting out and looking at langstroth and/or langstroth jumbo, could I suggest that you have a look at the poly options. You will probably pick up what you are after brand new, for the price that you would pay for 2nd hand wooden. I have a jumbo and a couple of poly nucs, and wish...
  5. M this normal?

    had the first crop of this years forced rhubarb tonight- absolutely delicious!
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    candle moulds

    I am just starting to try and make a few candles, and gathering some kit. Does anybody know of a supplier of the 1oz bar moulds (with "beeswax" on) other than thornes? Anybody looking to sell any candle kit, drop me a message- after a steam wax melter, moulds etc. Cheers Mark
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    Apidea cleaning

    Is there any reason not to steam clean apideas?
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    Commercial hive plans

    Does anybody know the programme used to draw these plans- looks useful.
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    Where is my honey from

    does anybody have a copy of the Rex Sawyer book 'Honey Identification'
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    Anyone know what this is?

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    Where is my honey from

    I am sure that he will be along soon :hurray:
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    How much

    I have an extractor that is identical to this. very good, and very sturdy. Anyhow, how much are you looking for for the strimmer?
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    Where is my honey from

    oh is it that complex?!! I imagined it to be a matter of seperating out the pollen and having a look under a microscope. Sounds like there is a bit more to it.
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    Where is my honey from

    Hi All, What equipment would be needed in order to test honey samples to identify the source? Would it be allowed to say that something is 75% horse chestnut and 25% dandelion, if there was a trace of any other pollen in it? My idea is to put generic labels on (obeying all current legislation)...
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    Painting poly hives the easy way

    Thank God for that- they were hurting my eyes!!!