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Superbee queens 2009

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Drone Bee
Nov 30, 2008
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Cyprus and Greece
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We will have a limited number of our Superbee queens available from mid June till mid July. Price is UKP22 each plus UKP30/shipment for the health certificate and shipping by EMS.
Terms are pre-payment only.
For ordering please contact Roger White.
Email:[email protected]
The strain is based upon original Buckfast stock. It is closest to Buckfast but has undergone some further selection by us over the years. They do very well in the UK.
Best regards
Pete, other beekeepers i have spoken with who have superbee Queens are extremely pleased with them in every way,and they come highly recommended, even a well known large uk nuc supplier says they are the best you can get. They seem to do very well in this country,and all being well i hope to have some soon.
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did anyone purchase these queens? any feedback pls

was it £52 for one queen inc. shipping?

No,it says £22.00 for the Queens,then postage and health certificate which takes it to £30.00,but if you purchase more than one you do not need a health certificate for each one, or individual postage.
I have all of my colonies headed up by the queens supplied by Norton or the daughters of them (1st Generation).
They handle extremely easily, are prolific and need brood and half or double brood, work hard and over-winter well in the climate around me.
I've tried the local bees and, PERSONALLY, my vote is very definitely behind the bees from Cyprus.
And I will add that Roger(alias Norton) is extremely helpful to boot which is more than can be said about some local suppliers of queens and nucs I've dealt with or tried to deal with.

Should have done this the day after the original posting:

We are sold out again and the next queens available will be in 2010.

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