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Yes I got 50 Langstroth from Canada, some bees do not like them, if you spray with sugar water in a good flow they will draw them, any other time they seem not to draw, or draw cross over,
Yes, once it is drawn out nice you can use it for about three or four years, it dos'nt seem to get as dirty as foundation, then scrape off all the wax and give it back to them to start again, sometimes you have to hose it with pressure washer. It never gets holes in it, but you should never put it in a solar wax melter, but we won't dwell on that.
Re Plastic foundation.

Yes I use it in my Langstroths. When I first had my Poly Langstroth everything was new including the plastic foundation. I had to heavily feed the bees to help them draw the comb out. Once it has been drawn it is just as good as normal foundation but much more sturdier in the extractor. When the comb becomes darker with use I carefully scrape off the old wax and paint the foundation with honey so the bees begging to draw the comb. If need bee I would help them with feed. I suppose its a way of saving on having to replace comb when its old.


This was written before I saw Jim's reply.
Ive used plastic drawn comb and dipped it in hot wax and the bees expected it well.

PS i did let it cool first
comes, or did in two styles, un waxed and waxed. One guess as to which the bees prefer?

If yo hae the unwaxed type then brush some wax over it, and when there is a good flow offer it to the bees. Once drawn it is brill but getting it drawn is another matter.

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