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Dec 25, 2008
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By that there Forest
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I've been clicking and clicking the tab ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ up there and I aint getting the page 3 ;)

is this false advertising? is admin just teasing us? where's page 7 for the burds? :toetap05:

It's a link to where you currently are. This can be verified by using your browser's back button. If you apparently don't return to the previous page, then you can be sure that you are actually returning to the current page. yep, that's the one that you were on before hitting the page 3 tab and going to - the current page.

Possibly a placeholder or Admin just checking to see if anyone is paying proper attention to detail. Nothing worse than providing functions that no one actually uses. Could there be a prize for your having noticed it Taff? :cheers2:
Could it be that it was designed as a conversation piece?

I think we should be in "Forum related chat". The adult section is perhaps optimistic. It should have been a "Don't press" tab.
but it should lead to Boobs :D,

put the video camera down Hedgerow pete, we dont want beeshed productions turning blue :puke:


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