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May 26, 2009
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Flackwell HGeath Bucks, Uk
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Hi All
I have been lurking around the outside of the forum for a while ,but I have managed to answer all my questions so far via the search facility and old threads
I have just taken delivery of my first nuc, after about three months of mentoring via Wokingham and district beekeepers
I wanted to just thank Pete in his bee shed, I searched on You Tube and the bee shed videos came up .it was from there I was introduced to this forum
So thanks for the videos and the intro
Wellcome :cheers2:

Ask as many questions as you like they are normally answered quite quickly.
Hello phil4tune and welcome to the forum.

It's good to know you've been able to find everything you needed to know through the search facility.

The forum is a community as well so your contribution is welcome, we want to know all about your bees and how you're getting on with them.

my super star , stardum reaches another corner, and saves a lost soul welcome to the forum, its great here, what they dont tell you is the bee shed is also my padded cell that admin keeps me locked up in

by the way is there any thing you want put down on video
My first post on a beekeeping forum now done(and any other forum)
All I need is a kid to call me beeman and I can say that I have achieved the first step in becoming a real beekeeper
Thanks all

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