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May 15, 2022
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The following is taken from another thread to ask again (apologies for hijacking the original thread) after Eric had posted a photo of a very busy brood box...

"Yes my hive was like that today just 6 weeks since I made a Nuc from it.
I found two nice looking sealed QC's and began to panic when I could not find the red queen despite going through frames carefully twice. There were some very young larvae present but I could not see eggs ( lampoil problem) What to do???
I squished the lesser QC and made another Nuc with the better QC on a frame of capped brood along with a good frame of nectar, three foundation and two good shakes of bees. Fingers crossed I've done the right thing. I'm still hoping I missed the Q so will go back in for another look in a couple of days.
If I find the red queen, do I re-unite or leave the nuc to see how it goes?

If you find the red queen I would knock back the likely more QCs they will have made, transfer her to the nuc, and move the QC in the nuc back to the hive. Check the QC is still there first though!! If not then leave a nice single QC.
If they haven't made QCs and you find the red queen you could swap their positions and you will have done an a/s (again assuming QC still present).

This morning I looked in the Nuc and was surprised to see eggs! Further searching found the Red Queen and the lovely QC I had transferred was torn from top to bottom and obviously empty...
I left the Red Q in the Nuc which I think you were advising?
The main hive I took her from (unknowingly) will be Q- now but presumably will create a new Q from what was there? Is that OK or should I return the Red Q to a new BB and Demaree the old box above? Have I missed the boat for a Demaree?
Please advise
K 🤔

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