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Black Comb

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Aug 10, 2009
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Advice please.
Someone I know is willing to sell me a couple of acres.
On 2 sides there are paddocks.
Can't see that the horses will be ridden in the immediate area where the bees will be kept but plenty of opportunity for the bees to socialise with the horses.

What are you thoughts?

Price is reasonable - well it's just below the going rate.
I kept some bees next to a field of horses (well one horse actually). Never had any problems but there were trees between the two. If there are hedges around your field put the bees as far away as possible behind them, if only so the owners of the horses can't see them. Which I think is the real issue. It is the owners of the horses you need to get on side, not the horses themselves. Some nags are worth a great deal of money and if the owners think their investment is being harmed expect them to take drastic action.
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I own a horse (well pony really) and he lives in the same field as my bees. I did read horses and bees don't mix as the bees don't like the smell, but I haven't had any problems. His grazing area is moved slowly round the field within an electric fence and in spring/early summer was very close to the hives. On inspection days he quickly learnt to not follow me around when I'm in my white suit. 2 winters ago I got the fence too close to the hives and he knocked one over, presumably he could smell the sweetness and nudged it. The bees all died, so I learnt a lesson from that. My next door neighbour where the bees are also has a pony, if I see her I always warn that I'm going through them, but there is a big high hedge between us. Other than that no problems. Rooftops has a good point.

Helped with with some bees next door to a field of horses. Whenever people in white suits turned up the horses would run to the far end of the field and stay there. I'd suggest caution as if there's a problem there might not be any going back other than to remove the bees.

However, if you've got two acres to play with and can get the bees away from the horses and put up screens etc you might be OK.

Good luck!
We keep three Horses together with 4 MD Hives. I have absolutely no problem with them and both horses and bees seem to ignore each other. I located a wasps nest in the ground and again the wasps and horses ignored each other (The wasps were probably too busy trying to rob the hives). The hives are about 20m from the paddocks. Crack on, if it's a good price!
My bees are at the top of my small field with just sheep netting to divide them from the two shetland ponies and sheep. They can get within 4 feet of each other and often do when they are scratching on the fence posts (livestock, not the bees) and we have had no problem.
Our two cats both got stung when we first got the hives but learnt their lesson quickly and now stay away. The chickens walk around the hives with no problems.
Hope that helps.
My hives are situated , sheltered to the North by the rear wall of a stable, used by a black Irish cob:).
She is a gentle soul, interested only in munching . My bees ,likewise are gentle therefore no probs . In the past ,the stables plus the surrounding fields were used by 2 geldings, Teppi and Sandy!, Teppi was the escape artist and a little frisky. His shenaniggins got him stung a couple of times, not much of a prob though Sandy lived to be 36 and Teppi 33, Teppi faded within 12 months of Sandy' death . ( Vet said Teppi would forget Sandy in about 4 days , 'not so' !!)

John Wilkinson
Thanks for all your help.
I've viewed again this aft and it's a block in the middle of a number of paddocks full of horses. Expensive looking nags on 3 sides and more a little further along.

The land is in poor shape and I would need to spend a fair bit just to get it reasonable so taking everything into account I'm not going ahead with this.

Thanks again.
a friend has his two hives in a corner of a field used by horses. they are behind a piece of string on posts. the horses think it's electric fencing and keep clear!
I'm aware of a horse incident locally that came in contact with bees, its a few years ago and the horse had knocked over a hive, lets just say it was not pretty - but I dont think she actually died but did come pretty close mind

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