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Jul 28, 2008
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I am making a new hive record sheet for this year,maybe we could make one for new members to download?

Please give loads of feedback on what you think we should add or remove,many thanks.

(Wil upload file tonight).
all I use is this:

Q+ (queen right) R (red)

8+1 Q ok. (8 frames of brood and empty frame added in middle of nest) Queen is ok.

sup+ (super added)

sup's - x 2 (two supers off)

KISS. Keep it simple stupid. Works for me. (verra thick these days me!)
I wanted to do one for new beeks.
Not a set of chess moves :svengo:
re first draft.
Very comprehensive perhaps overly so. I keep a single A4 sheet with each colony and each inspection fills 1 line only using Ted Hooper's system.
it covers:-
1. sufficient room?
2. queen present and laying expected quantity of eggs?
3a (early season) building in size as fast as other colonies?
3b (mid season) queen cells present?
4. signs of disease or abnormality?
5. sufficient stores to last until next inspection?
The heading on each sheet contains the colony number and queen details ie Q8mx = 2008 queen, marked and clipped.
I also keep a sort of diary which records temperament and general observations, mite counts, feeds and the weather at the time.
Regards Mike
too much information is as bad as too little.

I refer to my earlier post which is simplicity it's self. One of the huge mistakes beginners make, and some remain beginners all their lives, is to record swathes of information that mostly is a waste of time and more, keeps the colony open far too long. And for what?

A through inspection can be make in ten minutes or preferably less. If the book keeping is included in that time.... go figure.

Hi all

The best bit of kit for keeping track of whats going on in each site is a brick on the roof:cheers2:
Its a nice sheet Admin and is of use, but for a weekly check it is bussy and too much info.

I rememeber mine then record on my comuter on an excell sheet the following (also see attached)

- Queen marked (Y/N)
- Queen laying (Y/N)
- Queen cells (Y/N)
- Queen seen (Y/N)
- Temper (score 0 - 10 10 = good,)
- super total
- supers added / sub
- Queen cells removed (Y/N)
- Coments

But surley what counts is you do what is best for you.

Ian I have heard of people using the brick, what is your code?
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Cheers guys,I new we would get loads of views.

Truth is I agree its a bit like a goverment form in its length,but if its going to be done I thought it best to add everything,that way members can miss out what they dont want to include.

p.s I use a dictaphone to record what I see,then transfer to an Excell sheet.
I use grey house bricks.

Parallel to the entrance it is dead.

Right angles to the entrance it is alive.

Vertical on it's end is needs attention. Detail of which is on card on CB.

I also used spray colour for cells when Q rearing. Code is up to you but I had along these lines. Blue was for cells being sealed. Red was for virgins hatching. (In cages before anyone asks) Yellow was for grafts in.

Grafts only need to be in over night to see if they are accepted by the way. If next morning there is new wax on the open end of the cell they are up and running and can be put in the super of a good strong colony to be sealed up. Thus a new batch of grafts can be offered to the cell starter. Saves time folks. Lots of it. which also explains why plugs are the way to go so the duds can be removed from a cell bar and the accepted ones amalgamated.

Very simple, like me. ;)

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PH,nice post above,thank you.

I plan on doing a few queens this year.
Thanks admin.

Easy enough to raise a few, and here to help.


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