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Sep 5, 2009
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The BBC weather site says Glos will have 10 C next Wednesday!

That should be enough to wake the little critters up and get them flying, shouldn't it?

Not if it comes with a force 10 gale or contiuous rain!

Even 10 degrees is not a lot, but it should be a good deal more in direct sunlight, if that should accompany this 'heat-wave' . It was nearer 20, middle of Feb last year.

Plenty of time yet, so no rush to interfere more than absolutely necessary. It used to be more usual for the first inspections to be late March and into April. Some have short memories or think these last few years are typical of all that has gone before. I remember 1963!

Regards, RAB
:rofl::rofl::rofl:- like the global warming warmer winters and barbecue summers previously forecast
Generally. I take each day as it comes- but they have been flying here in the south for a few days -interspersed with flood damage limitation days, most have brood, so they are confident.
Tomorrow if they venture out- they may end up in the next county!!
I'm not fiddling with them yet, just checking candy block on the hole above the crownboard.

But it does get boring sitting on a stool, in a damp bit of wood, staring at a wooden box with nothing going in or out of it :)

Just a few little flights would do to show willing!

My one hive is out of the way of people, but also out of direct sunshine until later in the year, so it has to really get warm before they get any benefit.

but also out of direct sunshine until later in the year,

That is where all the sensible bumble bees will be holed up (and a lot of wasps).

It is obviously better for your bees to be quiet still, and nicely clustered in that situation.

Beee patient! You have done as much, I am sure, to get your bees through to the spring, as you can - whenever it might finally arrive. Until then we have to just wait.

Interfering with no good reason can easily spell death to a colony - a perennial problem with new beekeepers!

Regards, RAB
Thanks for the advice - I'll take it.

Staring at the entrance will be my limit until I see regular foraging trips going on and it gets up to 15 or so.

Hi all

Girls have been flying well for the last 10 days or so, loads of pollen going in.

Temp today 48 deg

wind about 10 mph

Wednesday this week couldn't see the front of one hive, it was just one mass of bees.

I think spring is just around the corner:hat:

John D
Early last week we had 12C and sunshine which brought a few out, pollen was seen going in - hazel. Then Thursday evening we had a megga thunderstorm:(, a half inch carpet of BIG hailstones storm squall wind that brought trees down. After the hail stopped I checked all the hives - all OK roofs on and upright.

As an aside the Asian Hornet's nest (now empty) survived the storm and it is 75' up in the top of an oak tree and was exposed to the full force of the storm, the little beasties certainly know how to build a secure home.
:cheers2: Mike
I'm no expert but I think the bright yellow mine were bringing in was Snowdrop and Gorse is a duller orange/brown.

They have certainly been working the snowdrops hard this last week when the weather has allowed.

First time this year I have seen pollen going in today!!

It looks like Devon/Cornwall and Sussex/Kent have done ok so far while I have sat under clouds.

8C my highest temp today,never noticed any hazel going in like this time last year(maybe its to wet to harvest?) just loads of Snowdrop pollen.
They have had to dodge the showers but done here on South Devon mine have been bringing in pollen (mostly snowdrop I think) for about 2 weeks now.

Busy again today once the sun was on them.
Snowing here.......heatwave???
11 DEG here today on my way home from work :cheers2:
to be fair in the sun it was pleasant, in shade it was 3'c, snow came over the hills this PM
12 degrees this afternoon, shed loads of bright yellow pollen going in. Christ only knows where they are finding it.
Topped here at 8C.

Telegraph is saying daffs are 4 weeks behind. Spring is going to be at least another two weeks. Scotland had worst winter for near 50 years, England 30 years.

Heat wave?

I agree PH,I am about 4 weeks behind this year..

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