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Jun 20, 2009
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Kingsbridge, South Devon
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After suffering problems with Internet Explorer 8 (seems to be linked to a recent security update) I installed Google Chrome today. It seems to be working fine and has the added bonus that when typing a post for Forum I found it has a spell checker built in. A great bonus for me!

I am going to try Firefox on my laptop as that has a dead IE8 as well and compare them.
I've been using Google Chrome for about two years now without a problem, changed from Firefox. Wouldn't touch Win IE with a barge pole:cheers2: Mike
I use chrome and wife ie7 on this laptop. Chrome is quicker by a long way in starting and in getting web pages up. Have not done a comparison on firefox tho.
The last version of Firefox kept crashing on me but the newer update is great.
I use chrome , used to use firefox but am now hooked on chrome (much quicker)

John Wilkinson
Run linux like Ubuntu, and everything's SO much faster than Windoze - I alternate between Firefox and Opera - both are blisteringly fast in comparison........:)
I have used Puppy linux which all runs in RAM so is lightning fast as it doesn't need to access the hard drive to operate. The problem is with Linux, there is no decent genealogy software, not even Gramps. I run Legacy family tree and it will not run in wine. Windows7 is a great improvement on Vista!
In the current edition of Ubuntu (9.10) "Gramps" is available as a single-click download in "Applications - Ubuntu Software Centre":)

I remember Windoze................. so slow tortoises and snails hurtle by, viruses, trojans, antivirus software, firewalls, paying for software (how last century!) :svengo:
Bros, that is what I am saying, Gramps is not very good as a genealogy prog. I have been doing genealogy for 15 years and tried most programs. The best for me by far is Legacy. Unless it can be got to run in wine, I am sticking to windows. I may try an Ubuntu setup on my other laptop though. How easy is it to set up? Sometimes those things floor me and I end up having a very senior moment!!!!:ack2:
Absolute doddle to setup - easiest way is to go the "Wubi" route - - download a small programme into Windoze, fire it up and fill in a few details, then press the "go for it" button - a fast connection is pretty essential as it downloads some 700mb- when it has it'll take half an hour or so to install, then thereafter you have what is in effect a dual boot machine - every time you boot up you can either use your unaltered Windoze setup, or boot into Ubuntu - if you decide you don't like it for any reason, just remove it as simply as any other Windoze programme (that way you could have a machine running "doze" for your genealogy programme, and Ubuntu for everything else............)
That's how I started with Linux, "wubied" an old laptop which was soooooo slow I was close to ditching it, found it was like a supercharger and nitro -booster and had another couple of years out of it - during that time I used Windoze about half a dozen times, and this desktop machine has a "pure" Ubuntu install as I'm so confident it'll do everything I need........:cheers2:
Good luck!
Mint is a distribution based on Ubuntu with some improvements that has had more than a few good reviews. Slightly more user friendly is the general opinion.

I'm a SUSIE 11.x floozie. (SuSE for a while) :)
I've heard good things about Mint too! :cheers2:
I tried Ubuntu on a laptop, it worked OK except for the wireless card, which as far as I could tell there was no driver for. They do a generic driver for wireless cards but I couldn't get it to work on my card. Looking at Ubuntu websites this is not an uncommon problem.
Hi all

I run Firefox using Linux, it is so quick.

Not like microslow
The wireless situation has apparently improved quite considerably, although my son prefers 9.4 to 9.10, claiming a retrograde step. These things happen. :)
I'm cat5e wired.
I use Chrome and find it OK, have supported PC's for the past 15 years as a living. At home I am going to junk them and buy in Macs. Prefer Safari. Its all down to personal tastes.
Although Safari runs like a dog on a pc.

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