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  • Hi, Norm.
    I use Facebook a lot for my internet contacts. You can find me if you search for "Graham Carter + Sweden". You´ll even find a link to Biodlings Vänner there.
    Hi Somerford, I used the kitchen steamer to render all my old deadout combs and the steamer is now looking pretty skanky with drips of wax all down it. I am going to have to steam clean it with my wife's home steam cleaner to get it back into shape. I used some old mosquito netting as a fliter cloth. its fairly course at about 2mm hole size but close enough to catch most of the big stuff. You could then of course render it further with finer cloth if you wanted purer grade wax for show but I used it for making my utility candles and it was fine for that. It doesnt take more than about 10 minutes to render a batch down.
    Just had a look at your blog again - I really like the use of the steamer to render old wax down...we were given a new one for a Christmas present a few years back and it is still in it's box.....we don't really use that many gadgets ! I think I might try using it for the same as you. How long does it take to melt and also what grade cloth did you use as a filter ?

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