Fumidil B or not Fumidil B - that is the question

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Jul 8, 2010
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A few weeks ago now I asked for general opinions on treating with Fumidil B as a precaution for Nosema. I got the impression then that it was only something that should be used if there was a confirmed outbreak, so I decided to leave my already purchased bottle on the shelf.

Now reading recent posts from Midland and Norton, it appears that it may not be that clear cut - indeed, astonishingly(!), general opinion may be split!

I'm already using Hivemakers thymol feed additive so far this autumn as a Nosema preventative, question is now, should I be using Fumidial as well?

Welcome any thoughts and comments to confuse me further.:confused:
Stick with the Thymol.
I did wonder whether using thymol plus Fumidil B might be a waste of money. Can one of the scientifically less challenged tell me?

If Fumidil is a fungal in origin and thymol has strong fungicidal properties, wouldn't I be wasting my money using them both????
I use both Fumidil B and thymol. I do not do the 'full on' thymol thing to treat Nosema, instead I use thymol in alcohol primarily to stop syrup from spoiling. But if the thymol helps with Nosema, then that's a bonus.

I have always used Fumidil. Six colonies for seven years ... one winter loss, and that may have been starvation.

I think thymol in syrup will not 'kill' the Fumidil, although I hav e had concerns about this myself. Fumidil B is only an antibiotic salt extracted from a bacteriological culture, and not a living culture itself.
it is worth looking through the archives for fumidil. there is some interesting stuff there..

from memory Fumidil is reported to be carcegenic and has been banned in parts of europe. It is meant to be on the 'to be banned list' in the UK... we will see!

I do not use it... best to read yourself and weigh up the pros and cons and decide yourself whether to use it...

I don't think you anyone should follow advice regarding possible carcegenic materials... it is a decision that needs to be made by yourself...
I wonder if Admin has spotted the last post and would care to remove such unsubstantiated and defamatory remarks about a commercial product.

The use of Fumidil B has been prohibited in some countries because of concerns that resistance may develop in some strains of Nosema.
Now now Brossie do take a cold shower there's a good chap.

Believing DEFRA? Dear me......... the stress is showing....

I have utterly NO faith in them at all. Know how many F&M tests were wrong?

Whole breeding lines slaughtered for no reason at all.

must confess that the thought it must be pretty dangerous for that bunch to have noticed did cross my mind!

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