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For some reason this morning a local character came to mind who was nicknamed ' Twm last orders' whenever he walked into the pub everyone would check their watches, drink up and leave.
I wonder why there is no similar outcry against Dani’s advice, or against Richard Noel.
I didn’t give any advice. I simply said how I had made fondant on a few occasions.
Prof Evans has since suggested that’s not fondant so I’ll change that to “fondant sub”
Not at all
You can make your own emergency fondant much more easily from granulated sugar and water by simply whizzing the sugar in a food processor till it is fine then adding water. No heating
What Dani describes here is just an ersatz form of baker's fondant (just sugar, water, but no glucose syrup) so nothing at all like sugar 'cake'
Eh? I said no such thing Understanding bees. LOL But if the cap fits matey: wear it with pride.

Thank you, Polyhive for your response. Sorry if I thought that you were talking about me. I am so glad that you did not mean me. No, the cap does not fit. That must mean that you are supportive of me. Thank you
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