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May 12, 2009
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As per a previous thread regarding Fumidil B becoming scarce and not being available for a couple of months, I was thinking to myself (always dangerous!)

In the Falconry world there is a relatively new product called F10. Developed in South Africa it is pretty much a silver bullet for many known diseases, fungi, spores etc. in the avian vetenary world.

I am sure you can imagine there are some very nasty bugs that can be around raw meat eating birds!

A guy called Neil Forbes who is one of the worlds leading authorities on avian medicine put me onto it and swears by it.

When he goes to many of the dodgier places in the world such as Pakistan, India, Parts of Africa and the Black Country etc (only kidding HRP!), he puts a couple of drops in the water to kill all the nasty's.

I have been onto the manufacturers, and this is what they have said so far...

The scientific data available for the use of F10 and bees is very limited. In 2007 we supplied F10SC to a DEFRA sponsored team looking at its use in controlling the organisms responsible for both types of foul brood but to date I have had no result data back. Anecdotal evidence, which we have available suggests that use of F10SC as a disinfectant to clean hives and bee keeping equipment has no detrimental effects on the bees. However, I must stress that this is anecdotal and as such must not be taken as a recommendation for use.

I shall enquire from the South African manufacturers whether they have any additional information which may be of interest.

Although I was not thinking of anything exotic like AFB or EFB, I was wondering if anyone has heard of it or used it with bees?
I see on Defra that Fumidil B is not licensed for use in many EU member states due to tests that suggest it has carcinogenic properties.

They also say it is likely to be pulled from UK shelves (is this why they are already empty?!?)

Are there any bee inspectors on the site that may be able to comment??
Had not heard it was carcinogenic,heard it caused birth defects.
Think that I mentioned on here a couple of weeks ago that they're not making Fumidil-B anymore and that only 'existing stock' is available for purchase.
Pete,can't seem to get the link to work,does it say about the health issues.
It has lost some of the formating, but here is what I found....

Evaluating the field efficacy of the fungicide enilconazole (Imazalil) as a potential alternative chemical treatment for the control of Nosema spp. - VM0139
There is a need to protect UK honey bee stocks from the threats posed by the microsporidial fungal pathogens, Nosema spp. The antibiotic Fumidil-B (Fumagillin/ bicyclohexylammonium, marketed by Ceva Ltd.) is proven to be effective in controlling Nosemosis caused by both N. apis and Asian variant N. ceranae, but this product is no longer licensed for the treatment of Nosema diseases in the majority of EU member states. Although Fumidil-B is currently still available for use in the UK as the sole chemical treatment of Nosema infection, recent data suggests that it may have carcinogenic properties. In the likely event of the future withdrawal of this product from UK shelves, there is a pressing requirement to identify suitable replacement substances. This project proposes to evaluate the field efficacy of the fungicide enilconazole (trade name Imazalil) as a potential alternative chemical treatment for the control of Nosema spp.
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Thank you Pete,first time i've seen the cancer bit. first time i've seen they are trying another fungicide. I find thymol works well.