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Tom Bick

Talking about bargains on Ebay check this one out sorry I dont know how to do the link thing but this is the ebay no 150389555125 I am quite tempted but if you like it grab it!!
Well the surface rust looks a bit more than "some"
You could grow some nice spuds in that.
perhaps that is how the make manuka honey, the rust must make the honey a rich golden brown colour like 20+ manuka honey is

Everything in NZ is rusty as its rains most days on North Island and is humid most of the year, My brother in cleveden NZ collects enough rain off his roof to provide water for all his family ( 4 kids) and his swimming pool
I have never known rain come down so heavy as when I lived on North island.
It's sadly worthless.

Tinplate. Condems it straight away.

Its overpriced...by about 100 quid
So that makes it minus £50... I walked the dogs and pondered the matter, and thought this.

If the inside is clean and it is used for friends only and family then a few bob is good.

However if one is thinking that such a machine is good for sales........think AGAIN... it's illegal.

Cough cough I can get you a nice shiney extractor for a rediculous amount of money :cheers2:
Difficult nights sleep worried that perhaps it was sold I may have a punt and next year perhaps you can have a jar of tombicks honey!!!

This can not be used if you are going to sell your honey. If you are going to eat it all yourself then you can decide if you are happy for your food to be in close contact with a rusty tin.


To be fair, the advert does suggest it is beyond practical use by suggesting it could be a nice museum peice or film prop and so on.