Colony on double brood

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I have a national hive on double brood, bees on all frames and quite full.

They have become quite aggressive so I was hoping to re queen (or is there another reason they have become angry) eggs in the frames so the queen must be there somewhere.

Would it work if I grabbed the top brood box and put it on a mesh floor in the same apiary and roof and closed the original hive up?

Obviously the queen would be in one of these. The queenless then would start drawing cells

Was going to kill the original queen and introduce 2 queens in the hives anyway as soon as I can find dark quiet queens.

Or would there be any other simple splits I can do in the same apiary?

Thank you
You should now raise a good colony which later ready to cstch a good crop.

2 box hives is not a good honey collector. You should have 6 boxes.

If you now split the colony, it starts from zero when you think honey yield.

Let the hive grow so big as it does without swarming. Give more space and follow its progress. Give a box of foundations. It hinders swarming.