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Nov 29, 2008
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Crawley, W,Sussex. uk
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Country File on BBC1 , Sunday 19th April at 7pm.
Include a report on the decline of the Honeybee.
Well, I hope it's considerably better than their "report" on free-range eggs this week, which was a totally unvarnished piece of propaganda for the "battery brigade", and they had the cheek to trot out some idiotic "expert" who clearly didn't know one end of a chook from another.............
If that was anything to go by, it'll be the "gospel according to the British Beekiller's Association" with an "expert" that suggests compulsory registration, and spraying of all hives with neat nicotinoids...........:svengo:
(By the way, if you are of a mind that you may wish to make your feelings known to the production team should it be as bad as predicted, I would suggest starting now to attempt to find their complaints link/email, whatever - I ended up going round in an endless internet "loop" for literally the best part of an hour, then with the aid of Google, found what I thought was the complaints page, spent some time in putting them right, fired it off, and realised it had gone off to the Countryfile Magazine
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