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Busy Bee

House Bee
Mar 1, 2009
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N. Ireland
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I think Admin you should add a chat room facility to the forum. What do you think?

Busy Bee
what might be a more effective medium would be to use Paltalk.

The concept of Turkeys voting for Christmas and Thanksgiving Day comes readily to mind. :)

Did you ever think that "smoke detectors" are promoted to prevent fires? No they are there to save lives and have you call the Fire Brigade earlier, rather than later. Now there's a thought. :hat:

If we can put it on the forum or blog it, then we can PM it. But a chatroom - get out in the sun and watch the bees. Facebook, Bebo etc are all there for that. The idea is to collect advice and opinion at a visible level for the general enrichment of all, with PM for a less public level of communication.

There is a concept that says to do only one thing and do it well. Adding more and more functionality will actually result in bloat choices and a diminished return. After all, A Ferarri could be fitted with a tow bar, but who would be willing to fit it and who would want to use it.

I have to respectfully :ack2: suggest that the tractor you seek to pull that particular trailer might be FaceBook, Bebo & Co.
I must to confess to a liking for sitting back in the plush leather seats provided by Admin in this lean mean Ferrari (ish) machine. :cheers2:

I think the phrase I'm looking for is - Hands off the paintwork!
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Boo hooo Humbug - put a sock in it!!

Don't get your knickers in a twist. It was only a suggestion! The only person annoyed here is YOU !! Ha Ha

Busy Bee
I can see what Busy bee is getting at, but what is wrong with the current set-up?

It is very light and easy going, and very free fllowing (like a chat room) both for beekeeping and other subjects.

Might I sugest more post from more people will help things along, which in turn will produce what you sugest busy bee.

So simple get posting!

PS did Admin not tell you all what you get to 500 posts he sends you a cheque for ?50!:cheers2:
If it aint broke- don't fix it, surely what we have is fine.
There may be some old ..... on here that don't DO chat rooms and so could miss some gems of advice - ..present company excluded of course:hat:
Hi Busybee, Sorry I didn't deliver the answer you wanted. I didn't realise there was such a huge knot in my knickers. Now I'm disappointed, but. I don't do annoyed, because it upsets me so!

There is nothing wrong with chat rooms. They can be fun with lots of interaction but at the expense of the advice and information being transient and not contributing to the repository of experience and opinion that people are depending on for guidance.

Maybe we can have chat rooms, where Admin can publish the logs for the benefit of everyone that was too busy to join in at the time. This would save the OLD uns from missing any real pearls of information when they are out in the fields. They wouldn't have to spend so much time lurking, but could grep a few select keywords of interest for a daily news digest. :cheers2:

PH, It's an interesting concept and the ladies would dearly like to believe you, but Gipetto will scold you if you tell fibs about money! I thought the figure was bigger?
I think the forum is great as it is. Thank you Admin I know you put in a lot of time for free.

I guess if it would not cost lots of time or money we could try it. It could be an opportunity for more bee fun. :grouphug: I wonder if there are enough of us to make a chatroom work though?
You may find Admin ends up in there talking to himself.
After yesterdays exploits trying to squeeze into his daughters smock, then getting stuck like a nutter in a straightjacket, much to my delight (why do you never have a camera when these things happen), it could be interesting.:rofl: