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Depends how big,is it just to burn up a small amount of rubbish,or is it going to be twenty ft high and 30 ft diameter.
Always check wind direction. Plenty of calm evenings - or is this bonfire night itself. I wouldnt do within 15' anyway
Daytime or at night? The latter should present no difficulty. You can easily move the hive temporarily, or screen it. Not exactly a beekeeping question really. How close would you stand if the bonfire is a raging furnace; would you stand upwind, or choke in the smoke and/or fumes downwind? There could be a brick wall between whilst still being close. So lots of common sense cosiderations to be taken 'on the ground'.

To answer the question literally, I could stand next to it, or even on it! Would not be good for the bees though. This sounds more like a question from someone with a hive and a close neighbour building a bonfire close to a beehive. Seems like there may be animosity, but just guessing. If it is indeed the case, we have the classic example of poor siting of a beehive.

Regards, RAB
Well my hive can only be sited in one place in my garden which is about 20' away from where my (friendly) neighbour burns rubbish.

I was aware of this before siting the hive and know it is a risk but so far so good.

He only burns in smallish amounts and only when the wind is blowing away from the hive.

In the worst case scenario I suppose they will swarm?
they will swarm?

Well abscond is more like, but unlikely at 6m with a small fire.

You were quite right to say friendly neighbour - obviously he is aware of your hobby and is not a beephobiac. I daresay the occasional jar of honey keeps him sweet!

Regards, RAB
Well said RAB could'nt put it better myself.

To answer the question literally, I could stand next to it, or even on it!

Not advisable Rab unless your name is GUY and you have asbestos undies:svengo:

I would try and shelter the hive/s with some steel sheet or similar to absorb/deflect any radiant heat from the hives. ideal soluion would be a hedge of some kind but too late to plant now for the 5h Nov
Not advisable Rab

Er? I was answering the OPs question. Therefore I was referring to the hive, not the bonfire! I think that was the question?

Regards, Guy
My husband regularly has his bonfire about 20 feet away from my hive and they don't complain. He has a worrying obsession with fire and never bothers to worry about my girls or washing. I await the day they put their feet down and say NO! :)

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