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Deux Ruches

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May 11, 2009
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Saumur, The Loire Valley France
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Hi All. Be Warned!!!
I've just spoken to a friend who moved from the Forest of Deen to near Selby in Yorkshire this winter, and he has had his four hives and bees stolen this week. Sited close to his house, No sound, No tyre marks, No trace.
He's off to an auction to try and buy something to salvage his year.
He says it must have been another beekeeper.
Very sad story.
maybe he spotted his bees at the auction!
on the subject of thefts, yes it is easy to say another beek, but at £150 per nuc and you can split a hive into three of them , they dont care about only one queen.

it can be anyone with a simple bee under standing, alll you have to do is walk up to it at night and just stuff a rag into the enterance, and your away

personaly i dont think it is another beek as we are all pretty straight, but with the massive increase of new beeks and the general public broadcasting thats going on, any bee hive is fair game, i know i lost 11
I lost /had stolen 8 hives about 12 years ago.The interesting thing was that a friend of mine bought some equipment some 4 years ago and hey presto some of my frames were amongst it - how did I know ?,I had branded my initials on all the frame tops etc.etc with my unique home made branding iron.He bought / was given a lot of someones surplus equipment so we couldnt trace the original culprit.Never did see the hives tho'.
Sorry H P,
I didn't intend to make an inflamitary remark, I was just repeating my friends opinion.
He went to the Lincon auction yesterday and purchased three hives of black bees, one £155 and two at £145, plus 5% commision.
He says, including petrol etc, it's cost him nearly £500 to continue beekeeping this year.
There was not any sign of his hives at the auction though.

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