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Jul 9, 2009
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South East Kent
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Hi, I've got a National on Brood & Half with the super at bottom.

I haven't got an eke for the Apiguard treatment and was wondering if it's safe to put it ontop of the super frames between the two boxes.
Has anyone tried this before?
I think it needs to be above the brood nest so the fumes fall downwards. You could just try smearing it on the frame top bars, alternatively, depending on your hive roof design, take off the clearer board, block up any ventilation holes in the roof and then replace the roof. This should give a reasonable gap above the tray. However, if you have a spare shallow super just use that as an eke. Perhaps not ideal but it is still fairly warm at the moment so they shouldn't get too cold with the extra space.
Please excuse my ignorance, but what's an eke?
Like a very shallow super but without frame runners. Used to create a gap for things like Apiguard trays or shallow rapid feeders, fondant etc. For most type of hive 4 bits of wood say 2" to 3" wide nailed into a picture frame shape will suffice.

Was tempted to say an eke was a squeek without the "squ" but that would be childish.
Thanks. Now I know. I've done something already. Made a frame from 1/2" wide strip to feed some homemade flattened patties - they like it and QB has started laying after a "lay-off".
Easy enough to make a deeper one as required.
Yould could also just glue and nail some laths of timber to one side of your crown board,deep enough to fit the apiguard tray under,plus enough height to allow bee's into the open tray of apiguard,just reverse the crown board after treatment is finnished.

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