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Jul 23, 2009
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Hello everybody.
I have lurked here for months, learned lots,have much to digest but would be welcome of some advice.
I have completed a course at my local BKA and have another to do at an agric college.
I have 2 empty hives waiting for bees.
My BKA are trying to get us newbees stated with a nuc. I have been offered what an old friend of my mum's calls a "poor man's split", ie a nuc to be made with an emergency queen.
Should I be going this way?
I have also ordered a nuc arriving end of this month from somebody well regarded on this forum.
Is the poor mans nuc going to be supplied with an emergency queen that is laying or just an emergency queen cell in it?

Personally I wold take the "poor mans spit".

You will be starting with 2 nucs, thats got to be better?

If there no good you can re-queen from the good ones by getting rid of the queen and putting a frame of eggs in from the good one.
i would take them as many people cant get any bees. if you feel the queen is no good you can raise a new queen or buy one in.
A scrub queen is better than no queen. Bees ars better than no bees, too!

Get them and, as the others say, you can requeen one way or another. Compare the size of the queen when laying to others around, or your other colony when it arrives. If she is small, requeen earlier, rather than risk supercedure later in the year.

Likely you will pick up a swarm, in the meantime (Murphy's Law), so get at least a spare box, just in case. A makeshift roof and floor is not too difficult to arrange if required for summer use!

Regards, RAB
Always go for the bird in the hand. YOu never know what may happen to the nuc.

I had two for sale that I had to withdraw due to queen failure. *shrug* these things happen with livestock.

Good luck with them when you get them.

Thanks guys, for all your encouragement.
The "split" will come with a queen though I didn't think to ask whether she would already be laying.

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