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Hedge Monkey

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Dec 3, 2008
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Hello everyone I'm a newbie here and have a question...

I would like to buy a bee keeping starter kit which caters for my

lack of experience. What I'm after is everything I will need in one

package (apart from the bees I would imagine). I would also appreciate

advice on where to get bees and books suitable for a starter like myself.

Any advice welcome :)
Hi Hedge Monkey,
First thing you should do is join a local beekeeping group if there is one in your area.
www.fragile-planet.co.uk is one of the cheapest around,
www.thorne.co.uk/ is the biggest and there sfuff is usally the best.
Its all down to what you can afford,I started with second hand and then worked up to new.

Anyone picking up kit will not go far wrong going to Stoneliegh, seconds and pine boxes are always on offer at the convention.

If you can get an experienced beek to go with, all the better. They at least will give you a heads up regarding the Thornes scrum.

Regards Ian

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