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May 17, 2010
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hi people - we were advised to list querie on main forum.

we have found bumble bees settled in our ferrets carry box. There is a huge big mama and a handful of bees at the moment about the size of a finger nail or smaller - but def. not hunny bees. I do not want them killed but I do need them moved before the group get larger. I think from reading on here it is just the beginning! there appear to be 3 little pots of gold, two completly sealed over but one open with some fine looking hunny inside. The ferret box is portable and has vents on all sides, and is filled with sawdust and newspaper. We live in Frampton Cotterell - BRISTOL - South Glos. It gets busy about tea time 5ish. I've not noticed much activity in the morning yet, like i said its a small group. Im not needing carry box, but our shed id due for demolition in about 6 - 8 weeks time, so please advise how - if what we caqn do. P.s my 3 kids are not too keen on sharing their bike shed so please advise us a.s.ap.

Many thanks

the Smiths x:cheers2:
If the shed has to come down then you could move them elsewhere. I did this last year with a colony of bumble bees in a bird box. Some chap wanted them moving as he thought it was dangerous I then pointed him in the direction of his garden full of flowers. But he wanted them gone. They did well last summer and there are now more bumble bees in it.
they can be moved a short distance each day....but beware that bumble bees can and do sting occasionally and it really hurts !

Obviously they appreciate their current abode, so if re-siting, especially outside, I would make sure it is in a sunny location, but not direct sunlight and somewhere it will remain dry.

Please post some images if you can as BB nests aren't seen very often. I am not far from you near Malmesbury.



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