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Dec 4, 2008
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I have had a lovely old film transfered to firstly video and now to DVD.

I would like to post it on Utube but it's too big at 0.99gig. and over ten minutes.

I have tried to half it using Avidemux 2.5 but the resultant vids are unplayable which seems odd. Windows Movie Maker wont even recognize the files on the disc, which Media player handles happily. Odd. Files are Video _ TS

Suggestions please?

What Codec are you using for the conversion?
What size are you getting the vid down to?

Also are you running Windows or a Mac?
Codecs are a closed book to me, I need a program to do it.

Win Vista 32.

It looks like you have DVD files (VIDEO_TS).

There are a few free DVD to DIXV (or MPEG) applications floating around, I've personally not used any but Google will assist you :)
Well all that proggy did was to copy the disc from video_ts to the same.

I really need this converted to avi so I can use Movie maker to split it.

The film is worth the effort as its 30's silent with captions.

The paid for version of DVDFab will copy DVD to an .avi.

If you don't want to shell out for this, I have a copy - I'll do the conversion if you send me the disk.
I have had a lovely old film transfered to firstly video

Explain that bit, ..... what format was the 'video' then ? do you mean VCR tape ?

If so you can buy or borrow a cheap video capture card and re-save it in any format you want, without using the dvd version.

I now have it in AVI, and can use Movie maker, and it was transferred from 16mm to video over 20 years ago and I have had it transferred again into DVD this week.

Seems I am going to have to split it into 4 for Utube.

Watch and wonder (when it is uploaded) at the PPE involved then and wonder why we need what we need now.

Ok, put a link up when it's available please. JC.
It will be later tonight as each of the four sections is taking 25 mins to convert from Movie Maker Project to vid. Plus we are off out this afternoon.

Our wedding is not this weekend but next and our first guest arrives on Sunday so time for this stuff is going to be in very short supply.

Weel done PH :cheers2:

I cant wait to see it,I love the old stuff.
I am (being utterly honest here) struggling to find a free video_ts to avi converter that does NOT have a watermark.

I am uploading at the moment to Utube but am very unhappy at the result.

This is a (I think but vehicle experts may say otherwise) a 30's silent film covering, packages, build up, swarming, supering, clearing, extracting, making up sections, moving to heather, clearing again and pressing and winter.
The marvel is the PPE.

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Movie split

Hi Mobus,

You could use Hj split which is free to download if you google for it, an ideal tool to use for splitting video files.

Hope this helps!

Regards Colin.
Splitting is not the issue the problem is converting to AVI without watermark.

Have you uploaded to you-tube ? if so how do we find it ?
Uploading as I type.
And rejected again as too long. Hmm....
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PH, can you tell me what is the extension of a video_ts file please.
I'm not familiar with video_ts, but would like to search for a short clip somewhere to be able to check out conversion to .avi using FFMPEG on Linux.
Thank you.
Seriously - get yourself a free mediafire account, post the files there, send me the link, and I'll convert them to a small .avi suitable for playing on anything. .avi is a file format that simply wraps a load of complex codec and compression decisions - and makes it playable. If I get it to create an avi suitable for a mobile device, it will probably come out at 100 meg or so.

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