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Yeh, I was unsure on the heather (given the splits that I did very late too) and just how well I would do, in reality the weather was up and down like a yoyo with the flow too. It was worth while doing for a variaty of reasons but it was hard work. The problem was also that I had a mixture of non-heather and heather honey in most boxes so I decided to leave rather than messing around with blends on honey, there was even the chance of in the BB at that time.

lol, I know, I am popping down to see said supplier tomorrow PM for a number of items, the list of questions is long :) I will ask about the in-flight tricks......

Gamble? I guess so, was a case of do small this year and wait another year or take a bold step - dont get me wrong, mistakes have been made, a big learning curve. Apigaurd is on 90% of hives and all have had syrup feeds, got 300kg+ of fondant about to go on this week too.

No secrets here, the numbers are going to settle in late 40's, I may/will unite a few more this week when its warmer.

Fingers crossed indeedy.