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Mike a

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Feb 13, 2010
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I have several nucs sat out in my garden waiting to be used. I went to make a cuppa when I saw 20+ bees flying around them all but paying a lot more attention to one of the nucs so I've set up my sony camcorder to film a close up of one the entrances which is looking busy.

Inside this nuc I think is an old frame with drawn out comb which is empty and a couple more frames with last years foundation in them. Keeping my fingers crossed for a swarm but its very unlikely as they are only looking for a free meal on the old comb which is drawing them in by the smell its giving off.

Anyway the reason for this post is to ask if any one can recommend a free or cheap software package to make some good quality movies as the windows movie maker software doesn't have a very good codex for the sony avi files so they look good once they are converted into a movie.

Any suggestions please?
No such thing as "good" and "free"

If you know someone who knows someone, try and get adobe premier pro, its one of the best available, takes a while to get the hang of it, but once you know how to use it, its great.
Don't you know anyone that uses P2P software google it it's free, of course don't upload anything that you shouldnt :hat:
Windows movie maker is free and easy to use with good results.
Thank you for all the replies, I decided to go with Windows Movie Maker in the end.

What a day! :hurray:

After I posted this thread I got a call from the association secretary with the details of a swarm if I was interested.... ?

Of course!!
20 minutes later I'm collecting a swarm.

I'll post the movie on UTube and if Admin wants to post it in the video section you'll find it there as well.

My biggest concern was the air brick so I couldn't smoke them into the card board box on mass. I would say overall there was about 4 Lbs of bees, although to start with it looked a reasonable size of 3 Lbs.?? later in the afternoon as the air temps dropped as fast as I was gently scoping them off and they walked into the nuc more returned and clustered in two groups on the side of the house.

Great result - looked a straightforward collection and the type we would all like.

Good video too.

Well done on both counts,

24 Hrs on at their new apiary

24 hrs on from collecting this lovely swarm I went to check they were still alive. I'm a little concerned about the amount of space in this nuc, although it can take 6 national frames there is only 5 undrawn frames in there.

These pictures were taken at about 18:00 hrs and the air temperature was still reasonably warm although they were not fanning at the entrance as I thought they would be trying to stay cool. So I think they are clustered outside to allow a little extra space to draw out the foundation.




My hope is they will draw out a few of the frames quickly for the queen to lay in and to deposit pollen and nectar when the weather improves next week down here.