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Jan 26, 2009
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the local little srots were busy this weekend when i got back i found this had happened, fourtunutly my nucs are on the other bank of the canal this year, but it does mean that if for say someone was to come along to said canal with , say 3 kilos of sun flower seeds and start planting,
Have a look at thisView attachment 491
that burn out is approx 100 metres long and 35 metres high average about ten sunflower seeds to the square metre thats 3,500 seeds and an afternoons work, this just leaves the question can you be arrested for planting happiness in a canel bank in the west mids, comments please, should i or should i not
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Go for it, that kind of effort should be commended.
Shame more of the population dont think along the same lines as you.
No one will be chastised for the burn, but guess what ?. Scatter some balsam seeds and see how long they last once they become recognisable :ack2:.

Sow seeds of something that is good for bee's, and likes burnt areas,fireweed.
Speculative seeding - evening work as the light goes, giving plausible deniability and fortuitous benefits. I have a long embankment but no burnout, but will still be popping to the pet supermarket before long for a look. :)

Go for it.
well its going to happen 6 kilos of sunflower seeds are to be brought that should get enough past the rabbits to flowering point, i will video some of it to put on you tube before the council take the credit for it, as for the rose bay willow herb i will be doing a lot of collecting this summer for next time, now where did i leave my balaclaver
I have collected echium seeds and am trying to get them to germinate becuase the bees love them. If they grow to a decent size (plants I took seeds from were about 10 ft tall), I will be planting them in the woods and scrub land.

Someone told me that Echium was not good for bees though, but they seem to love it anyway.
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Hi Polyanwood

You are correct in saying the bees love the plant Echium because the family is the Boraginaceae. That's the same family as Borage.

i have also got a lot of golden rod seeds. I think they are ugly, but the US bee websites seem to rave about it, so I liberated some and will see how they do.
Sometimes I am passing plants with lots and they go into my pocket...it is more liberation than stealing. :blush5: I think Pete buys them. See his link.
moles seeds are a great catalogue to buy from i get loads of thier stuff , the only reason i have choosen sunflowers is cost (£1:19 per KG) local (1 mile up road to jollies) if there was some thing else to use i would consider it but anyway i like looking at sunflowers they look great enblock, seed collecting is a little short supply of choice,