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MrB since no one else can help. I've not used either but have seen them. The budget felt flimsy especially the plastic frame holder. The table top was much better but the hand gearing didn't inspire long term confidence. An alternative to look at (powered by a domestic drill) is on sale at fragile planet for about £100. I'm thinking about that one. R

I got one - it worked very well indeed - only thing is it came with lots of buckets etc that I didnt end up using - not sure if you can get the extractor on its own?
Thanks Rosti,
I have also seen the Fragile planet one, worth considering!
Its actualy between them and the Thornes tabletop at present!

Thanks for your reply, i guess from the fact you mention the buckets that you have the Budget one?
Any other extractor sugestions most welcome

Your local BKA. Borrow or hire. Or survey what some of them use, before making a decision.

Regards, RAB

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