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Mar 6, 2009
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N Ireland
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I am about to move and so will be abandoning my bees (well, leaving them in the care of my brother). I am also in line to visit the US soon so I am considering the logistics of buying some equipment there and moving over to Langstroths.

What size hive bodies are sensible? There is a dazzling variety in Langstroth just as with Nationals- deep, medium and shallow boxes available in eight and ten-frame sizes.

Personally I think using just the medium sized boxes initially makes sense, as here:

And look at the price! My weight allowance will disappear rapidly but at that rate it is worth it.

Any opinions?
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either try dhl or try booking half a shipping container to buy loads and bring them back on water rather than over it, or try these links the first is plans to make them the other is some one i use in poland they supply the type of poly hive with buckels the exchange rate is poor at the moment but the prices are good if you collect
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Poly Langstroth is the way to go.

Given you seem to have just 4 at the moment how many are you thinking of expanding into?

Both the British vendors of Poly assure me that given their choice they would move into 100% poly if they could but afford to make the change over.

How much does a poly Lang run to? I am not looking to run a huge number of hives but at the minute, I can see ten hives being run easily- and the temptation to expand is always there. But for now, three or four Langstroths to get started, flat packed and put into the hold in a cardboard box seems reasonable. I am in the US with four others (so have at least 100kg in luggage allowance to squeeze my stuff into).

I'm leaving the UK so will ship the hives on with the rest of my belongings- I may even be keeping Apis cerana so things could be complicated! :ack2: I've got a couple of hive locations already scoped out and found out that there is no beekeeping supplier. So I am planning ahead... I should really be looking for a house and a job but I am sorting out the priorities first.
What's the best way to contact Murray? I've tried phoning but had no luck so far. Can anyone pass me an email address via the PM or dos he have any kind of website? I can't find it online. I've been throughtthe Swienty site and the hives do seem excellent value and the "Tagggart" nuc is a great job- apparently, you feed the nuc by pouring syrup in through the entrance! Good idea!
Hi Subboteo
Going over to Langstroth Is your best move. I changed over last year nearly 200 hives. Could not go to Poly because of cost. Best thing is to bring over a load in a container, I brought over a 20 foot container full of kit.

Regards Mike
Mike what were the main reasons for you changing over ?
Did you consider commercial or dadant at first ?
My main reason for changing over is that I will be starting again from scratch in a new country. I will not take any of my current equipment over- I don't want to bring disease over with me that may be harmful. Also shipping of made up hives will be extortionate so a few flat-packed will be worth the

Langstroth (or variants thereof) is the standard type of hive worldwide so it is much easier to get supplies by mail order should I need any. Australia and the US are much closer for shipping. Should I track down a supplier in China or other Asian countries, it will most likely be Langstroth sized equipment.

Langstroth is significantly easier to make than National. I may have a go at that. The UK and Ireland do seem to be the only National countries, so I am breaking away from the UK norm- and fitting into what the rest of the world does.

I will be keeping Apis cerana which from what I have read, has a much smaller brood nest so I am interested in setting up 8-frame Langstroth hives. I think the nucs from Swienty look ideal for housing small colonies, doing splits etc.

I've been ringing away at Murray's number and had no luck yet.