Spring Varroa Treatment?

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Jun 8, 2020
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Norfolk UK
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Hi, the year before last I treated for varroa over the Xmas/New Year break and then did nothing until the autumn when I found I had suffered horrible infestations on all three hives, which I was fortunate to get under control with MAQS in the autumn and a then a series of oxalic acid vapes over the Xmas/New year period. At the end of this the natural mite drops over 1 week were between 1 and 0 mites from each hive. All three hives survived the winter and are now building up nicely but popping the boards back in over the last couple of days I am getting natural 24 hour mite drops between 12 and 1 per hive, so the little buggers are starting to multiply once more. I am tempted to go for a round of three vapes on each hive at 9 day intervals as I did at Xmas to knock them right back and get all the ones in with the brood and then hopefully be able to leave them alone until the autumn treatment, but would like to know what the more experienced beeks on this site would recommend.
I’ve in general found a winter treatment sufficient to see them to the autumn. However if you are concerned and there is the odd one that slips through vape as you suggest although I think your timings are out.
Thanks Ian, I guess I'm just worried about a repeat of last years massive autumn infestation. Admittedly I didn't treat as thoroughly the prevous Xmas as I did this last one though so maybe they will be OK without a spring treatment. I'll monitor the rate of natural drop increase for a bit longer before I decide. When you say my timings are off do you mean the gap between treatments? What would you recommend?
With regard timings
I treat 4 times with 5 day intervals in between
This covers 15 days and therefore catches Drone brood that may have been capped just prior to the first treatment
I mean OA vape

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