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Looks like the web site has closed down already.

I think it slowed/crashed down from increased traffic as we all make like bees on the rob in response to news of a closing down sale. Managed to check it eventually and the site sounded like they're keeping going until March.
Good source of suits gone which is the shame but otherwise for me not going to be missed at all.
Other than those two purchases I had problems with every order.
Wrong items sent ,damaged or poor quality items,you name it.
Bee Equipment were upmarket by comparison

The prices were (at the point I gave up) ex vat which was a bit sneaky for an outfit dealing with predominantly newbies.The 20% topping at the checkout soon made the old guard prices comparable again.

Someone else will fill the space soon fear not.
Has anyone thought of talking with them about being able to buy and continue their business? Sounds as if it was a good resource for many of you.
Very sad ... bought quite a few bits from him over the years and never had a problem - good service fair prices and reasonable quality. It's been a difficult couple of years for all sorts of trades he's not the only small business that's decided to call it a day before it is a situation they are forced into. I hope he has a long and happy retirement.
Has anyone thought of talking with them about being able to buy and continue their business? Sounds as if it was a good resource for many of you.
Beekeeping supply is a niche market and you are mainly trading with hobbyists and smaller scale beefarmers .. The UK customer base is probably in the region of 50,000 beekeepers - once you have a hive they tend to last for years so you are looking at only expansion purchases, consumables and small equipment.

We are all notorious for waiting until the sales come along and buying up consumables for the season at the best prices. It's a fairly crowded market in the UK with four or five major general suppliers basically competing on selling the same (or equivalent) products. A lot of equipment suppliers deal direct with the end user and the really big beefarmers have the buying power to bypass the general merchants. There are then some secondary suppliers - often beekeepers adding to their beekeeping income by selling specific beekeeping products (like beesuits) to provide some incremental revenue.

Simon obviously had an incremental business shipping to Europe but that has become more problematical since we left the EU and the costs of shipping have gone through the roof lately - indeed, some carriers are being very selective about where they will actually deliver to !

There's a saying in beekeeping- if you want to make a small fortune .... start with a large one.

I would not be tempted to step into Simon's shoes at present.
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