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Mar 10, 2017
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East Yorks
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Is Simon the Beekeeper trading again?

I hope so as I ordered some gear from them online but apart from the acknowledgement of order I have not heard anything from them for 6 days.

Thank you for your info / help.
Thank you for your helpful response.
Not sure what the delay is on my order but have received no reply to my email and telephone answer message requesting update on delivery progress.
I will check if payment has been taken from card account. And maybe ring again later in the day / tomorrow.
Thanks again.
Update on my order, to ensure Simon The Beekeeper's reputation stays intact.
I was able to contact S.T.Beekeeper They had held delivery of my order as they were awaiting delivery from their supplier of one item on the order. After speaking to them they expedited delivery of all items minus the item they were awaiting. I received the order delivered the next morning at 10.00 a.m !
Bee suit was very reasonable price and good quality I have had one before and I am still using it (about a third of the price of other suits) might be regarded as a bit heavy by some.

Anyway suffice to say I received good customer service even though they are still in the process of taking over the business and stocking up on some items.
Forum? / Thread? Closed.
His Ebay shop "Simonthebeekeeper - global" has closed. Any one know the new Ebay shop name if they have one.

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