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Dec 4, 2008
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After the decision at the 2009 BBKA ADM to maintain the status quo re endorsing pesticides I thought that was it for 3 years. However I see that Twickenham and Thames Valley BKA has tabled a motion, backed by more than 25% of the Area Associations, which puts propositions 3 and 4 back on the agenda for the 2010 ADM.
to refresh - the propositions were in essence:-
3. To allow the use of the BBKA logo on specific products.
4. To receive money for the granting of a license to use the logo (£17,500 this year)
NOW is the time to make sure your delegate to the ADM votes the way you want him to.
To be fair Martin Smith BBKA Chairman has devoted the whole of his December letter to this subject and urges members to debate and "make your view known through your associations to your delegate"
Regards Mike

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