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Drone Bee
Dec 4, 2008
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Dordogne 24360 France
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16 a mix of Commercial, National, 14 x 12, Dadant and a Warre
Over the winter I have made 7 nucs, 4 commercial and 3 national. They are stacked under an overhanging roof and south facing. I added foundation to one of each type last week. Yesterday was warm and sunny and I noticed half a dozen bees taking a keen interest in both nucs - could they be scout bees? certainly looks like it. Does anyone know how far in advance of a swarm are scout bees sent out? or is it just a case of finding alternative housing for possible emergency use?
:cheers2: Mike

PS They were back again today
Bees just sniff if they find something to rob.

At least swarm will not settle into nuc. It is too small.
They will be very hacked off bees then cos there is nothing to steal:)
New foundation only in new frames in Nucs that have never had bees in them
:cheers2: Mike
Scout bees of which there are not all that many are out and about all the time. Their sole purpose is to locate good forage and to locate possible new nest places if the colony decide to swarm.
Normal foragers will continue to forage and not go looking for pastures new.
The scout bees are solitary in their quest.

I have had to move the nucs into a bee proof shed as today there were 20+ bees making a pest of themselves. As I moved them I double checked the contents - only foundation in two, so nothing to attract them.
The only thing it might be is that I treated the outsides with a hot application of linseed oil and beeswax, and being in full sun they smelt lovely:)
Regards Mike
Hi Mike

For god sake stick a box back out, you could well have a big fat early swarm about to move in.

I would not be at all supprised to hear of a few very soon:)

Regards Ian

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