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Mar 5, 2010
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How strange. A colleague at work this morning found these three visitors in the window sill. Some sugar solution has revived them (I couldn't possibly have told my work colleagues that the creatures were probably not going to fare very well so we embarked on a rescue mission). As I sit here, they are gorging themselves on sugar solution and having a fine time (the bees that is)!

A mystery. Perhaps they have hitched a ride in, from bee suit, to lunch bag, to window from the fondant feeding session of last Saturday. I can't think where else they may have appeared from as every self-respecting bee should be nicely clustered around these parts (though the temperature has risen to around 4 degrees this morning).

I'm intrigued.
How strange!

So are they getting a lift home or becoming office pets?
I'm reluctant to give them a lift to a nice cosy hive that I know of. I fear that nature may have to take its course for these three stragglers. If there's a chance that a swarm has taken up residence earlier in the year, I will be out with my bee goggles in the spring!

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