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Jul 16, 2013
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Hi All
Recieved my first bees 4frames of brood and food along with an hours worth of flying bees. Unfortunately there was only one ripe queen cell from another hive available so was instructed to introduce this when I got home then wait a fortnight for the queen to have hatched and mated. Fed the bees 1:1 sugar solution and 2pt went down rapidly over the first week.
I did notice Wed lunch a lot of activity around the entrance but no swarm possibly queen leavinbg on her mating flight?

Its a lovely day here and my wife is gardening this morning only to see hundreds of bees leaving my hive and swarming onto a tree in my neighbours garden. She called me and I was able to go home. Yes they had swarmed and it was the size of a small football and it was in a hawthorn tree seven foot up.

Got suited up and smoker going and off I went with a pair of ladders a bucket and a P£$%^s Poly nuc. Knocked all the bees into a bucket then tipped them into the poly nuc and popped the roof on Placed the nuc on the bucket and waited. Sure enough they started fanning at the entrance and all the bees from the tree entered the nuc.
The question is: I only have foundation so will the frames be ok and get drawn for HM to lay?
The nuc is in the cool garage at the moment and they seem quiet so will put out later. I have only three frames in it so will need to put three more in but I have no drawn comb. Will this matter?
I wonder if I could have a new queen in the original hive they issued from but after inspecting there is nothing only drones and bees on the comb filling it up with pollen and nectar.
Wow! I must say 13 days a beekeeper and a swarm already . What next. By the way they definately do not follow what it says in the books I've been reading.
First, did the queen cell actually produce a queen? See if iI is opened and she has emerged.

My first thoughts were abscondment, not a swarm, but ......

What were they in ? A full hive or a nuc? Four frames of emerged bees plus whatever you got originally should be more than a nuc can cope with.

However, there may be a risk that they drew emergency cells and they have emerged, I suppose, and caused them to swarm. About the right time possibly. You need to inspect for any scrubby queen cells
before you do anything. If about half the bees are left behind, you may well have a swarm, but if very few -like only the youngest, which could not fly then it is likely they absconded.

A lousy way for anyone to get bees - if you paid for them. The beek should only be passing them on as a proper colony. Should have got them at least to the laying stage before passing them on.

Tell us, did you buy them?