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Dec 8, 2013
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Glloucester, Glos
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I don't keep bees or anything, but I do love them and think they are beautiful creatures. If I find one that has got cold or hungry, I always give it some sugared water and some warmth and, apart from once, they have all revived and flown off, which is very gratifying and a lovely sight to see.

However, today, I rescued a bee and for the first time, saw 3 little creatures running around on it. I felt that these must be mites and later looked them up on the Internet. I have now read about various ways to rid hives of mites, but does anyone have any advice for me, such that if I see mites again, I can help an individual bees out. I have read about powdered sugar, but don't know what this is exactly, but if you have any advice, I'd be really grateful.
I expect it was a bumble bee, they often have mites that do them little or no harm.
Yes, it was a bumble bee. I didn't like seeing the mites and so wanted to help him, as I felt that maybe they are not good for the general health of the bee. I also wondered though, that once he had revived and had some strength, maybe he would be able to have a good groom and get rid of them himself?
Hello, Lucylemonpip, just had to say your lovely name! I once counted 15 mites on a dying bumblebee, sad to see, but only nature after all.
Tobacco smoke seems to work on braula louse.