Preferred supplier of castellated spacers?

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Sep 4, 2011
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I've completely lost track. I think those from STB used to be considered pretty good (ie. not requiring further work to make them usable), but perhaps I made that up. And of course STB isn't quite STB any more.

Anyone care to make a recommendation?

Unfortunately STB were the best - much heavier gauge metal than the other players and no sharp edges. I bought an absolute shedful when he closed down and now wish I'd bought double as I've found I had more of the flimsier ones in my shallows than I thought.
I'd be interested if someone else sold castellations of that quality - as well as somewhere near the same good value.
Of the poor examples I've experienced, the worse I've had were from beehive bits - one up from tinfoil and razor sharp
I agree re comments about Beehive Bits castellations but I use their roofs without any problems.
The best I’ve ever used were Thornes.
The SBK ones I bought a year or so ago were flimsier than the Thorne ones I'd always got up till then.
Also, the castellations were slightly narrower so frames were too tight a fit, even with brand new frames.
I've moved over to Manley frames in the supers, fed up of castellations rusting. I'd love to find a good supplier of Stainless Steel frame runners.

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