Painting feeders?

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Two coats Dulux undercoat + 1 coat Dulux white gloss worked for me no leaks:)
I use linseed oil. Whilst making I construct using screws and silicone between the joints. Any knots in the wood are also siliconed
4 coats of gloss !!!! but it is a poly feeder.
Something that isn't still sticky and stinks of paint many weeks after it has been applied.

If you can get that right then you'll be doing significantly better than at least one commercial supplier out there.

:puke: *********
Same as Gingernut, waterproof PVA....... but you could equally use glass fibre resin (I have in the past when water proofing for marine use)
Army landing craft waterproof paint, £2 a gallon from surplus supplier, followed by Japlac.

Polyester resin is good, so is posh racing dinghy paint but might be expensive.
3 coats of cuprinol clear did this job


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