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Dec 8, 2008
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how much would you expect to pay for packaged bees this spring? and what are the best sources.

pls dont just say 'free from a friend' or bka.... these options arent open to me yet and tend to make me green with envy as well as inexperience.

You will be lucky to find package bees for sale in the UK.

The usual way of getting started is to buy a nuc.

Artibation have you been on those American forums again!
Its a nuc you buy here.

Last years price was anything from ?80 from a fellow BBKA member upto around ?120-?130 from a supplier.

Regards next year I think you will have to wait and see how the winter treats the bees before prices are set.

I am down in Hampshire and know a few beekeepers who will help you out,last year they sold at 5 frames for ?80.
Check with your local Association members too, i got two from a Master Beekeeper, at just ?30 each.
are you really using Langstroth? I've noticed quite a few others are too. Or is it just some default that gets overlooked?
Anyhow, it's harder to find Langstroth nucs. If you don't have any luck locally let me know and I can help out next Spring, subject to my own bees coming through winter in sufficient numbers.
are you really using Langstroth? I've noticed quite a few others are too. Or is it just some default that gets overlooked?

The default is nothing,unless a box is ticked nothing will show up,so everyone who has a hive type below the username has added the information.

I think its a clever little programe that I made as it allows others to see what type and number of hives you have before answering certain questions.
I agree - its good to know what hives others are using...or, their bees are using!
thanks for all the offers of help i'll wait for the spring and see what's around then:)

i have tried to get in touch with the local (Reading) BKA but despite emails and phonecalls i still can't seem to get anyone to respond to me. i expect they are not very IT literate. Ive heard that the Newbury branch is v good so i'm hoping to get in touch with them next.

i have found a provider of packages here in the uk, i believe the queens may be imported scutella but at £180 + p&p for a double set they seem steep when that would be what i would expect to pay for a nuc

also yes i am using langstroth kit. my dad had a load including a nice of pair of observation hives, and i have build a pine hive and ordered a poly from park bees
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as far as i know, i spoke to the guy at parks bees yesterday

Originally Posted by artibaton View Post
i have found a provider of packages here in the uk, i believe the queens may be imported scutella

well Ive got to say , i learn something every day.

i would be interested in the out come and have you got a good bee suit.
I would think seriously about buying a package in the UK as actually I personally would just not do it.

In the countries where it is common practice there is one minor difference tween them and us. Weather.

So you buy your bonny buzzing box and it gets cool and it rains, and rains and rains. It's March so what do you expect?

And the bees in the box are how old? So they die die die every day. And lo after three weeks how many are left? Dam few and most are dead so who is supposed to look after the pitiful brood that mum has tried to raise?

Not for me.

Package bee selling has been generated because there was limit to import combs from USA to Canada. Reason was diseases in combs.

Package bees are slow to start. Nuc is easy because it has emerging brood inside.

It takes over 1 month before package bee colony start to grow. Maybe it is cheap but it is very slow to build up.

I have had not package bees but I have played much with swarms. And package bees start in unvague, cold spring weather.

maybe ill hold off then and look at getting a cupla nucs.....tbh they were not much cheaper than a nuc anyway.
I bought from a shop called Park Bees. Think I paid ?160 for a nuc with a ligustica queen. She might as well have been scutella queen though (scutella bees were the ones that crossed with the European honey bee that made africanised killer bees!:eek:).

Caveat Emptor.
okies.....emptor here is seriously reconsidering

i have cancelled my provisional order and will look elsewhere.

cheers for all the advice
Regards best companies or individuals to buy Nucs from, I plan to have a list up by the spring with members feedback and costs,level of service etc.

It should benefit everyone who is buying in during 2009.

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