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Nov 9, 2008
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I know someone has touched on this previously, but i thought i would take some pics and show what i saw and get an explanation as well, as i am not quite sure.

Went up to the bees early today for a change, it was about 8.15, overcast and coolish, and i saw this on one of the hives, now this hive has 3 supers on, and only two are drawn and have any number of bees in, why were they out front like picture 3 ? they were quite lethargic so could have been out there for a while, why would they do this ? is it siimply just room ?

The 1st and 2nd image i think really was down to space, its the hive in the garden, i had 3 supers on when i took this photo, i opened up and although there is still 1 frame to be drawn in the brood box, it was jammo with bees, rolling off each other as i lifted a frame, but again the supers have not really been utilised by the bees as overspill, i added a fourth super anyway.

In the first pic the way the bees have arranged themselves is puzzling, and although the brood box had many bees in, if some had moved up then the density would easily be absorbed.
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yep, grizzly - just like mine- but they are just 'hanging out'. The bees I mean :blush5: - and they were like it all night as they are outside my lounge window so I can observe 24/7 -as they say
But am assured it is not unusual - just when one is a little inexperienced it looks as thought the bees are indicating a problem or they are taking action.
Soaking up the rays !!.

Funny little buggers, i guess its even more feasible with the mild evenings weve been having.
Just like me when its hot I kick the bed sheets off. :cheers2:
Try removing honey frames from broodnest and make room for queen to lay these queen bees want lots of room to lay.
all the best mike
I dont think they are your queens Mike,they are imports from New Zealand.
It's almost 1am and I just looked at my 2 hives and almost can't see the landing boards.
Loads of bees cooling in the cool night air.:coolgleamA:
Almost joined them.
So hot in the house.:svengo:
Mine have been hanging out like that for over 3 weeks, turns out they where queenless.
Did they do it at night as well Chalkie ?
A few members on here have said that some bee;s beared while the queen is on a mating flight so they can fan her back in.
Did they do it at night as well Chalkie ?
A few members on here have said that some bee;s beared while the queen is on a mating flight so they can fan her back in.

The latest i've seen them was around 10pm (not 3am :)) and they were still there in the morning.
Interestingly, after adding that extra super yesterday, there are no bees hanging out the front today. so far.
Glad I am not the only one, mine were all hanging around outside last night as well. Had a peek inside today and have added another super on.
Nice looking Bees.:)
My Bees used to be that colour.
But over the years they are almost black now.:(
Here is a picture I just taken 1.18am.
must admit I looked at mine at 10pm last night and half the hive was on the porch :)
I can certainly understand bees doing this when its been hot, but v early yesterday morning, (I couldn't sleep), when it was quite cool, I had a quick look at the bees and the were a lot out side just lazing around. What surprised me was that there were several fanning. I didn't think it was that warm but I guess they know what they're doing.

Couldn't help myself, read this thread and had to go and have a look. 23:30 and mine are out too! Not that many mind 50 or so congregated around the entrance, best described by Ribblesbees - just layzin around.

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