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Jul 28, 2008
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Hampshire uk
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I have noticed that a few members have stated the number of hives they own and selected the hive type as "Other" have we missed some out that can be added to the list for selection?
14x12 is an increasingly popular format. It is a version of the 'national' so I suppose those of us who run 14x12 could tick the national box, but that might be misleading because it suggests the standard national, and the difference in practice is significant.

Thanks Raysa,added 14x12 and comercial to the options.
Just to make life interesting I've got WBC's, Nats and one WBC with a 14x12 brood as an experiment, hence 'other' to describe more than one type as there's no option for multiple types.
What about an option of "multiple"?

Hebeegeebee you can still add the number of hives you have.

Nor dear Admin do you have the option of Poly Nats or Poly Langstroths.

You might be surprised at how many there are about.


I will go add them;)

What shall we have:

Poly Nationals
Poly Langstroth
I bought mine (Poly Langstroths) in the UK. They are starting to crumble after 2 years, and the frames don't fit in a wooden Langstroth box, they are too big!!
I know someone who has one,but no bee's in it.
I started off with Nationals from a retiring beekeeper.
Then a commercial beekeeper friend invited me down to his set up.
Over 800 hives all Langstroth poly's. He swears by them.
So I bought two and I must admit they are the best investment I have ever spent money on.
The poly Langstroth out does all my other hives in every respect. If I could I would change my Nat's for Langs any day.

Any idea who the supplier was Bcrazy?

They look a strong bit of kit.

What do you have to look out for?
How long have you had them?

Hi Admin,

I brought them from "Denrosa" Murray McGregor, 01828 627721 I think his e-mail is caluna4u.

The supers take Langs 'Jumbo' not ordinary Langs super frames.
I painted them with a metallic green used on cars.
These hives are very sturdy and once protected from the elements will last a long while, perhaps not as long as wood hives but long enough to get your money back.

I have had them for six years now and both are going on strong.

I would recommend these hives and recommend Langstroths over any other. This is from personal experience.

Hi Bcrazy,

I've never tried poly hives. Do you have to be more careful with the old hive tool when prizing apart propolised boxes?

It looks like an office filing cabinet!

Do they slide out the same way?