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Drone Bee
Nov 14, 2008
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Warboys, CAMBS
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Right that its all done, whoops just seen the QE which seems to have the hump. Must sort that out before the first swarms are out and about.

I am hoping to take some photo's of the bees as they build up the frames and catch a few dances.

Can anyone help with the reflection from the glass as this shows its self on photos, also I might need to use the flash. Is there anyone who could advise on how not to get the glare off the glass.
Thanks for your help.

Polarising filter will cut reflections and glare.

Hi Jim
The other photo's I took showed reflection off the floor and also my reflection when taking the photo from clsoe to the hive.
I am concerned that if I need to use the flash at some time then there will be a flash back which will show on the final photo.

Just on point and that is iwth two brood combs they are going to get pretty strong and there is just the one sup frame.

If mine got a bit that way I gave them a foundation to play with. Slowed them down nicely.

Thanks ballibeg, will get one asap.

PH thanks for that tip as this is the first time that I will be using the Obs hive.
Any other tips or recommendations?


I kept mine with two sheets against the glass to help them conserve heat.

Very neat work. I don't suppose that the flash affects the bees at all? I have visions of bees blinded for 30 seconds blundering about. :)

I look forward to seeing your pictures as the year progresses.
Polarising filter will cut reflections and glare.


It was 12 months ago, but I got a bargain on Ebay, from Hong Kong. It was a Hoya, and a quarter of the price of Jessops. Arrived in less than a week.