Normal waggle?

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Not much of an expert, but video 3 doesn’t seem very normal to me.
I understood “waggles” are normally done on the comb, not on the top bars?
Anything I can do for them? They were a late swarm caught about 15th July and they’ve really built up well. They’re by far my strongest hive

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I need a closer look. A longer video. It’s not a waggle.
I would have taken a longer video but they’ve been rejected when I tried to post them in the past. What’s the longest video the forum accepts as an attachment?
but not CBPV 'shakey bees' either I don't think
do you have piles of dead bees under the frames, or being thrown out of the entrance?
Certainly not at the entrance…I’d have to go back and check under the frames…
Does look like CBPV symptoms but there will be other signs, piles of dead and dying bees on bottom board or outside the hive. They can recover but not sure how easily this time of year. There is a really thorough thread on the forum on how to combat CBPV.
Shaking bees can be a sign of other paralysis viruses such as ‘slow’ PV or ‘acute’. These are due to viruses spread by varroa mites. Have you checked / treated for varroa?
With ABPV you still have piles of dead bees. You get infected dead larvae as well
OP has vaped according to previous posts
Are there dead bees on the floor or outside the hive?
Three or four dead bees outside the hive…much the same at the other hives. I shone a torch through the entrance and no sign of dead bees on the floor…

The hive is rammed with bees (compared to my other hives anyway)

Then ignore it.
Bees do communicate with a variety of waggle dances ... the one we see most is the one that directs bees where forage is found and this is the one that has been well documented but it's not unusual to see bees 'dancing' in other ways ... I've never had CBPV in my colonies so only seen it once in someone elses and there was a pile of bees an inch high on the ground outside the hive and loads littered across the floor. The colony died out in a couple of weeks. He was advised to do a shook swarm by the bee inspector ... pretty much a total waste of time and probably contributed to the colony's demise.
Thankfully most of the Inspectorate have seen the light

Thankfully most of the Inspectorate have seen the light
Yes ... not this year, last year and I don't know who the BI was that suggested shook swarm but floor removal now seems to be pretty universally accepted as the only thing that has a chance of success,

I was thinking that there may be a case for putting an empty brood box under the existing brood box with a sliding tray at the bottom to catch the dead bees and allow for their total removal by the beekeeper with an entrance at the bottom - or even top of the existing brood box - perhaps a small eke with an entrance hole ? It does rather worry me that with no floor to the hive at all there is so much chance of robbing and other colonies potentially becoming infected.

You've had it in your colonies ... what do you think ?

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