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Apr 12, 2023
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Hi Everyone, I have been dipping into this forum for a few years now for a bit of occasional reassurance, about time I joined! This is my 5th year of beekeeping, originally in South West Uk & now here in Co.Cork Ireland. Currently have four national hives of A.m.m’s which I keep in a newly planted cider orchard.

Thanks for adding me 👍

Hello everyone,
My name is Robbie and I'm excited to be a new member of this forum. I'm looking forward to learning from and contributing to the discussions here.
Best regards
Hi Robbie. Welcome to the forum.I hope you enjoy it.
I am off to your wonderful city on Monday to see my daughter who lives there. I always love seeing how green it is and how much Linden grows there. I'm too early to hear the Nightingales singing in the green spaces at street corners...but next time.
What sort of bees do you keep?
I don't keep bees yet but I'm thinking about it, cause keeping bees can be a rewarding and educational experience, and it also helps support the important role that bees play in pollinating crops and maintaining biodiversity.

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