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Nov 14, 2008
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I have these plants that are self seeding and attract the bees as the pollen is easy for them to collect. Not sure about nectar.

These flowers smell of chocolate, and the stems a very hairy to touch.

Can anyone help please?

Thank you.

Thank you Finman, that's the one and I hope not to forget the name in future.
Thank you.

bcrazy heres my best guesss but it does help to have a size of plant and its area soils and a close up of the leaves help aswell as the flowers but try rough hawks-beard and second guess would be a rag wort proberly a marsh ragwort by the looks of the back ground folage
Thanks guy's for your input.

Somerford; the ground here is peat, black crumbly peat which is classed as A1 Agriculture soil, (so I'm told). The earth just crumbles away when picked up.

hedgerow pete; thanks for the input, but I have never seen ragwort or hawks beard grow taller than a couple of feet. Neither of them smell of chocolate as the flower head in the pictures are many times the size of the two mentioned. It is deceiving when looking a photo's and your spot on regarding the leaf pattern.

It is Helianthus toberosus common name Jerusalem artichoke.

I gave the wrong info out because I said they were self seeding but the name toberosus tells me that the plants grow from a tuber, and are not self seeding.

Thanks again,

Helianthus atrorubens, at a guess- Clump forming perennial with purple green hairy stems. Up to 5ft tall, 4ft wide. Leaf's wrong for Jerusalem Artichoke, they are much bigger and do not flower quite so freely (up here anyway).
Thanks members I will now do a pollen examination and hopefully that will tell me what plant it is, as now we have another name in the frame.

Bcrazy any chance of popping your camera on the scope so we can see the results ?
Admin; yes I'll do that in a couple of days time.

Doesn't time fly.

I made up a slide of the pollen grains from Helianthus and put them together on a PP pres.
I keep some of my pollen in a solution of IPA (Iso-propanole alcohol) and some dry pollen in petri dishes.

Anyway here we go!